Welcome to Hótel Höfn

Hótel Höfn is a charming hotel with friendly atmosphere and a beautiful glacier view of Vatnajökull glacier, the largest glacier in Europe. It is located in Höfn, a fishing village on the south eastern coast of Iceland, famous for its delicious langoustine.

Hótel Höfn was founded in 1966 by sisters Svava Sverrisdóttir and Ólöf Sverrisdóttir along with their husbands, Árni Stefánsson and Þórhallur Dan Kristjánsson. They built Hótel Höfn with great style and vision and are seen as pioneers in tourism in Hornafjörður area. The hotel was opened in part on October 1ˢᵗ 1966 and in full on June 17ᵗʰ the following year. In the years 1995 and 2015 Hótel Höfn was runned by few different owners. New owners and management took over in spring 2016 and have put tremendous work in renovating this lovely hotel. 


We are proud of our tasty breakfast, it consists of high quality Icelandic products with a twist of local products. We bake everything ourselves!


Comfortable & Stylish

In the winter 2016-2017, the new owners and management of Hótel Höfn put a lot of passion and work into renovating this beautiful old hotel. Stylish, simple yet comfortable.

The size of the rooms at Hótel Höfn is 12-18 m2. We do hope that the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at our hotel, along with tasty food and the amazing panorama view of Vatnajökull glacier, will make your stay worthwhile.

There is no elevator in the buildings, however, the friendly staff is always happy to help with the luggage.

Environmental policy

At Hotel Höfn we are committed to do what we can in environmental matters, as our country is known for its pure and untouched nature. Our policy is to bring preventative measures into our work environment, with the aim of protecting and maintaining the environment for future generations.

Our goals and actions are:

· We follow environmental laws and regulations and try our best to take preventative action and go further into the issues

  that are possible and appropriate.

· Minimize and recycle all waste and avoid excess waste when handling raw materials and packaging.

· Reduce food waste and increase recycling.

· We use local products as much as possible but also emphasize on using Icelandic ingredients and products.

· Use organic and environmentally friendly products for cleaning whenever possible.

· Reduce paper usage and reuse it, whenever possible.

· Inform guests about the hotel's environmental policy and how they can participate.

· Respect the country´s resources and encourage our employees and our guests to do the same.

· Sort garbage and it is both accessible and easy for employees and our guests.

· Encourage our staff to choose environmentally friendly modes of transport.

· Educate staff and visitors about environmental issues and encourage environmental awareness.